113th Birth anniversary of Nakatani Ukichiro Google Doodle

On July 4 Google published a special doodle on its homepage landed in Japan to celebrate the 113th Birth anniversary of Nakatani Ukichiro. Ukichiro was a  professor, scientist and essayist born in the year 1900 at Japan whose studies on crystal hexagon and snow are world famous.

Nakatani Ukichiro Google Doodle
Nakatani Ukichiro Google Doodle (July 4, 2013)

In this Nakatani Ukichiro Google Doodle also we can clearly see the main achievement that he gained through his research life. Yes, the production of first artificial snow crystal. In the Nakatani Ukichiro Google Doodle we can see the structure of hexagonal crystal replacing the logo characters. The entire Ukichiro doodle perfectly reflects his achievement on crystal and weather conditions.

Replacement of rabbit and microscope for alphabet ‘g’ is perfect as Nakatani Ukichiro’s first break through in research on snow became successful when he noticed the snow formed in the laboratory on a coat made of rabbit fur. Ukichiro Google Doodle is beautifully designed with all ingredients which makes us remember the work of Nakatani Ukchiro.

Nakatani Ukchiro was born in Kaga on July 4th of 1900. From the childhood itself he had great love for physics and experiments. It was after his studies and becoming the professor at Hokkaido University he started working more on his experiments. By the age of 35 he managed to open a laboratory.

Nakatani Ukichiro
Nakatani Ukichiro

The step  Ukchiro took in 1935 by starting a Low Temperature Laboratory became a great milestone in his life and also in the world history. Soon after opening this laboratory within a year he made world’s first artificial snow.

Though Ukchiro was mainly known as scientist for his research on snow, he has also wrote many science essays for making scientific knowledge available for public. In the Nakaya Ukchiro Museum we can find many essays on different topics wrote by him.

Ukchiro’s talents doesn’t stopped in researches and experimental studies. He made many contributions in making these facts available for public. During  life time he produced many small documentary films, radio programs and even played an important role in making Iwanami production. This production later took more than 4000 films which has got great importance in educational field.

Nakaya died on April 12, 1962 at the age of 62. His Museum is situated at kaga named as “Nakaya Museum of snow and ice”. On his 113th Birth Anniversary Google made us  remember him and his famous quote” Snow Crystals are letters sent from heaven” through this beautiful doodle.