MWC 2013: Day 3 News, Highlights and Reviews

In the Third day of MWC a large series of products were announced by many prominent brands. On this day the brands like Samsung, ZTE and Nokia came up with their new products. Here MWC 2013: Day 3 News, Highlights and Reviews

MWC 2013: Day 3 News, Highlights and ReviewsSamsung was in news headlines for choosing the first day of MWC 2013 for the official announcement of Samsung Galaxy SIV release event. Now today on third day of MWC Samsung new Galaxy S II Blaze and Samsung Galaxy Tab II views were captured my media to make the features of the device more clear for their fans.

MWC 2013: Day 3 News, Highlights and Reviews

The most noticeable launch of the day was by ZTE. ZTE introduced their ZTE Orbit on Mobile World Congress. This is the second Windows Phone device by ZTE. The primary device bought in to the market of this series was ZTE Tania. ZTE Orbit all the features that was in the series including 4GB RAM, auto focus camera with resolution of 5MP and LED flashes. The availability of this product in the market will be by second half of this year.

Apart from announcements of tablets, smartphone and other mobile device MWC provides something more. Mobile World Congress is a platform to know about many news and get ideas on main technologies. As the hosting venue of the event was changed this year to make the attended fell comfortable more and more people are present at the place to witness their favorite brands announcements.

Conferences, Talks, Exhibitions all are included in this largest trade show to make it the best event. This year’s mobile world congress had a large number of participation from all over the world. The Liquipel water proofing demo shown in the event on Samsung Galaxy Note II also got a good range of coverage in the show.

Though there were large announcements from many big brands this year like Samsung, LG, BlackBerry, Sony and ZTE there were some missing of participations of some other known brands. Apple is most commonly an absent member of the event and in this year we can see that Google don’t even have a booth in MWC venue. Though Samsung unveiled some products the release date of the most awaited date is two weeks after this trade show.

Google IO and Samsung event are the next two most awaited events that will be followed after the MWC were the Google and Samsung expected launch some of their trademark products.Google glasses and Samsung Galaxy SIV will be the hopefully the best products launched ever by the big shots.

Seeing this absence of big companies don’t think that MWC is only a platform to gain the attention of world. Many companies came up with a line of big announcements in this event. Lenovo tablets, Asus Phones , ZTE Firefox OS Smartphones, LG Optimus L7 II and their new Ultra high definition wireless transmission of files and other data’s from  smartphones to TV’s were shown in the previous days of MWC.

All the three days included many new products, technologies and announcements.  Now we can look forward to the last day of the show to get the complete news of the participations and success of one of biggest event.