Mugunghwa Day Doodle 2013 celebrated by Google

On Mugunghwa Day 2013 Google came up with this special doodle on the homepage of South Korea. Mugunghwa is the national flower of Korea. People over there celebrates the day with great joy.

Mugunghwa Day Doodle 2013
Mugunghwa Day (August 8, 2013)

Mugunghwa Day Google doodle 2013 on the Google homepage is decorated with Mugunghwa. Rose of Sharon is the name in which this beautiful flower is known around. It was in Korean language it’s known as Mugunghwa which came from the word Mugung which means immortality.

Korean people have great love for this flower which blooms in the months of July to October. The entire logo is beautifully decorated with this flower and its green leafs. We can see Mugunghwa in every places of Korea in this months.

In almost all important documents and papers we can see the image of this flower in it as it’s the national emblem. Even in the national anthem of Korea also we can see its reference. It shows out how much they love this beautiful flower.

Mugunghwa Day celebration in Korea is very much similar to other special holidays. Mugunghwa flower exhibition in Korea in this season shows their patriotism and respect for the national flower in this season. It’s a very beautiful seen to see this beautiful flower everywhere in Korea in this season.

Mugunghwa’s scientific name is Hibiscus Syriacus which is commonly seen in Asian territory. This Google Doodle on the homepage of Korea on Mugunghwa Day shows how much Koreans love this national flower.

People of Korea to show respect for the people who lived and died for the nation keep this flower on the grave on special occasions observed to remember them. In entire nations people treat Mugunghwa with a great respect as it is the symbol to represent the country. Mugunghwa Day is wished to all Koreas by Google with this beautiful doodle.