Mozilla introduce Firefox OS handsets officially

We are all familiar with open source Firefox operating system developed by Mozilla. It is a new innovative operating system to the mobile world,  HTML5 support applications give new experience to the users. Now Mozilla introduce Firefox OS handsets officially for the developers.

Mozilla introduce Firefox OS handsets officiallyMozilla announces two all new Smartphones at a time, Firefox OS powered handsets dubbed with names Keon and Peak. The handsets Keon and peak are coming under 3.5 inch HVGA multi touch display,only have a size of a credit card. The new Mozilla Smartphones will powered by 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S1 processor.

The first feature of new Keon and peak Smartphones is the operating system running on it – Firefox OS. The Firefox OS is originally known as Boot to Gecko. It is an open source project from Mozilla and stands above of android kernels. The innovative operating system provides high supports for HTML5. The Firefox OS is coming under multiple device support. Mozilla give more importance for the OEMs and network carriers.

OEM is manufacture of products which is purchased by another companies. The OEMs and network operators can provide contents and services across their portfolio. With HTML 5 supports the developers around the world can provide amazing applications. Mozilla also plans to start online application storage for it. With Firefox OS we are not get tight into a single platform actually with this OS web becomes the platform.

Keon and peak Smartphones have an internal memory of 4GB which can be expandable via micro-SD card. Both handsets are supported by 512MB RAM. The developers preview Mozilla handsets provide mobile web access easier to more peoples. Mozilla also provide deep social networking integration through their handsets. The HTML5 support provides full version Google Maps support for the handset just we seen in the PC. The Firefox handsets also provide instant response to all the tasks within it.Mozilla Keo and Peak handsets

According to the reports 75% of applications in Google Play are written in HTML5. Mozilla provides easier portability to these applications to their platform. It is featured with 3 megapixel camera with LED flash. Both Keon and Peak supports ever fast 3G networks. The Wi-Fi n support provides lightning fast data access. Mozilla provides their handsets through unlocked mode so that you can put any SIM at your wish. The phone is powered by 1580mAh battery. Mozilla’s mission is to provide the ultimate mobile experience to common people. The handset will available in the market at a rate of $100. Surely the Mozilla handsets become a new trend in the mobile world.