Superhero Mother’s Day Doodle 2014 by Google

Sunday’s Google Doodle celebrates Mother’s Day 2014. This time, Mother’s Day doodle isn’t ¬†interactive or animated. Quite disappointing doodle lovers, Right?


Mother's Day Doodle 2014
Mother’s Day Doodle 2014(May 11, 2014)

Second Sunday of May, many countries celebrate as Mother’s Day with wide range of programs. Doodle on homepage of countries celebrating the day as Mother’s Day is similar to the one Google Published on 30th March, on UK mother’s day 2014, also known there as Mothering Sunday.

You can see a mothers and two kids riding bicycle with helmets in the doodle in superhero costumes. Logo of the company is wrote in their original colors, seen in top of doodle.

Google have created best logo’s for celebrating day dedicated for mothers since 2000. Special rose and carnation flowery doodle on Korea, sketching mother reading stories for kids in doodle Mexico and also in Middle East countries, already decorated Google homepage on their respective day dedicated for Mothers.

Each and every country dedicate a day for honoring mothers, maternal bond and motherhood according to their religious traditions, convenience and customs. Official celebration of Mother’s Day started in US in the year 1908, though many celebration related to mother were existing long back according to Greek and Roman traditions.

Julie Ward Howe and Anna Jarvis are two names that are unavoidable saying about mother’s day celebrations. Its these ladies fought for dedicating a day for mother’s.

Flowers and gifts are given to mothers on the day. Last year, ¬†2013 Mother’d Day Google Doodle also gave the opportunity to make cards for loving Mother’s on the day. Card building machine awaited in Google home on the day and there were option to upload and send it to mothers.

This years celebration have already started every were. Carnation and rose flowers are commonly used for presentations and decorations on the day. This Google Doodle wishes Happy Mother’s Day to mother’s all around.