Creative Interactive Mother’s Day 2013 Google Doodle

Google honored all mothers on this Mother’s Day with a special doodle on its home page. Mother’s Day is celebrated in most of the countries on second Sunday of May. The doodle that we can see on the Google home page is an animated one.

Mother’s Day 2013 Google Doodle
Mother’s Day 2013(May 12, 2013)

Mother’s Day 2013 Google Doodle  on the homepage got birth from the thought of the designer to give a creative artwork experience for users. Here with the Google doodle you can create 27 different art works. First we can see three options to choose. After choosing from the figures of mom, flower and gift you can start your art work with the machine to gift your loving mom by printing it.

Google doodle is included with lots of colors in it to express the beauty and sweetness of the day. It’s an interactive animated doodle. Creativity of the doodle designer is just awesome. We can see the option for reloading and printing in it. Mother’s Day logo is also placed in the doodle to make it special.

Anna Jarvis is the lady who took initiation for the celebration of Mother’s Day as a world recognized day. It was in the year 1908 day to honor mothers started to be celebrated with grant functions and popularity.

Mother is the light of home who takes all the responsibility in her arms to gift a better and happy life for the family. Just imagine how God gifted human beings with an angel who look after your every movement throughout the life. So a day to honor mother is very special and important.

Though the day is celebrated in different dates in different countries it is given a great importance all around the world. In South Korea mothers and father’s day are celebrated combined as parent’s day as they both have equal value in the family. Many special traditions and customs are followed in countries and communities to celebrate the day.

On Mother’s Day lot of programs are organized all around to make the day special. All loving mothers are treated as princess on the day. They are taken to the places where they love to by the loved once on the day.

Google logo is reflecting the value of mother in a home and what she gives to their family beautifully. On this mother’s day we can see how much Google honor motherhood and maternal bonds. This is the most beautiful doodle that was published on the Google homepage on Mother’s Day.