Mother’s Day 2007 Google Doodle

Mother’s Day is celebrated by Google every year with special doodle. In the year 2007 also Google came up with Mother’s Day special doodle which includes the significance of the day in the history of mankind.

Mother’s Day 2007 Google Doodle
Mother’s Day 2007(May 13, 2007)

Google doodle is given a comic look with replacement of Google alphabets with sticky notes where the images of flower and women is drawn. In Mother’s Day 2007 Google Doodle ,day is related to flower. The placement of women image and a flowers image side by side shows the real beauty of mother in a family and tells that it’s just like beautiful flower which blooms for the happiness of those who see it the mothers are. Google doodle expressed the message clearly and accurately with this design. In the year 2007 Mother’s Day was on 13th May.

In almost all the countries the celebration is on second Sunday of May. On this day mothers are given many importance treated well with all what they like. Since the day was officially declared as a day dedicated for mothers it seemed to be accepted by the whole world and its popularity has increased in a great extend with in few years.

Today we can see many special events and programs on this day in shops, malls and restaurants. It was in United States, Chile, Brazil and Canada the release of the doodle took place. These are the countries in which the main celebrations takes place on this day. It was in 1914 due to the continuous efforts of Anna Jarvis the official Mother’s Day celebration was declared. She also laid foundation to an international association for mothers.

Mother’s Day
Mother’s Love[Image Credit]
Celebrations of the day are very colorful and beautiful. Shops will be overflowing with Mother’s Day cards and gifts. We can see people rushing to the gift shops on the day before to purchase gifts for their loving mothers.

Mothers have got great place in leading family to success. If mother can guide the children properly then we will get a new generation with brightened thoughts and positive attitude. As the mother have got these much great importance, she can bring light as well as darkness to the family. If the lady or the mom in a family is not good it will spoil the entire family. They are the leading light of family who actually reads the minds of family members by looking in the eyes.