Google’s Mother’s Day 2006 doodle with pink flowers

As a part of honoring mothers and motherhood Mother’s Day  is celebrated worldwide. Mother’s Day  is celebrated on 2nd Saturday by most of the countries.

Mother's Day 2006 doodle
Mother’s Day 2006 doodle (May 14, 2006)

In each year Google releases Mother’s Day 2006 doodle on May 14th. In 2006 also Google released simple and beautiful doodle on the occasion of Mother’s Day.

In this  Mother’s Day 2006 Google doodle , there is two tulips flower in pink color pointing to the sending of  tulips flower to your mother on mother’s Day, means conveying the message of love and affection and send the greetings of love to her along with the honor.

According to history Mother’s Day celebration is started by Americans. It is not a celebration that is emerged from some traditional celebrations that were existed previously. The celebrations such as Christian mothering Sunday celebrations, Greek cult to Cybele, and Roman festival of Hilaria are associated with Mother’s Day celebration. The start of Mother’s Day is from Americans and it’s the Anna Jarvis who started to celebrate it in the memory of her mother.

Mother's Day wishes
Mother’s Day wishes [Image Credit :]
During the starting of these celebrations campaigns were conducted as to promote mother’s day as national holiday. Now Mother’s Day is celebrated as National Holiday in countries like United States.

There were many promotional activities that are done by Anna Jarvis to spread the reaches of the celebration. But during 1920’s commercialization was hardly applied on the celebration. Mother’s Day was known as Jarvis’ holiday was adopted by other nations and is widely celebrated all over the world.

Google used to release Mother’s Day doodles in each year. In previous years the doodle contains a pink rose as to symbolize the love and affection of mother. In Mother’s Day 2006 doodle ,the pink rose turned in to pink Tulip flower. That’s the only one difference.

During Mother’s Day children will send wishing cards, gifts, and flowers to their mother. Thus it is an occasion in which we can spread a small smile in her face.