Mother’s Day 2003 Google Doodle

Mother’s Day is the most celebrated holiday in United States. It is celebrated to honor all women who have enjoyed the gift of maternity. Google doodle on United States was specially designed to honor all mothers.

Mother’s Day 2003 Google Doodle
Mother’s Day 2003(May 10, 2003)

Mother’s Day 2003 Google Doodle on this day was simple at the same time elegant and beautiful. It included a flower vase and a bouquet of flowers in the doodle.  The replacement of Google letter ‘l’ with the flower vase is an imaginative thought by the designer. Doodle is very simple and attractive.

Mother’s Day got its prominence in the year 1908. It was Anna Jarvis who initiated works for the celebration of Mother’s Day. She continuously fought for the celebration of Mother’s Day and due to this Mother’s Day celebration was declared officially by the government in the year 1914. Anna Jarvis founded the Mother’s Day international association and gave a new signature for the Mother’s Day. Apart from United States most of other nations celebrates a day to honor mothers by dedicating a day for mothers.

A mother can understand her child’s mind without words. She will read out the mind of her children from the unspoken words. Maternity is the greatest gift of God. A woman will forget all the pain that she had for giving birth to the child in a single sight of the face of her child. Mother Child relation is the only relation which has no replacement in the world. Mother loves her child without expecting back anything.

Mother’s Love
Mother’s Love
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Special celebration takes place worldwide to honor all mothers. Mother’s Day is a family holiday. All over the country Mother’s Day programs are organized. It’s celebrated in a grand way. On this day children will give gifts to their mother. Special Mother’s day cards are given to mothers on that day to honor them.

In United States Mother’s Day is celebrated on second Sunday of May. The date has got slight variations from country to country for the celebration. Every country celebrates the day accordingly to their culture and tradition. As it’s a holiday people go for picnics and parties on that day. Most of the families celebrate it by taking the mom’s in the family to their favorite spots.

Shops will be overflowing with variety of Mother’s Day cards in this season. This is a time of pleasure.  Honoring the mothers has got great importance. Mothers are the leading light of the family. They are ready to sacrifice their life for their family at any time. In the history we can see many examples for this.

Google also showed its respect towards mothers on this Mother’s Day by the release of this special doodle. Respect and love for all mothers is reflected through this doodle by Google on its homepage on this day. A happy family can be built up only if there is a loving and caring mother who looks after each and every thing in the family.  Though Anna Jarvis took the initiation for the celebration all over the world now Mother’s Day is celebrated with great importance and honor.