Mother’s Day 2002 Google Doodle

Mother’s Day is celebrated as a part of honoring mother’s and motherhood. Google released a special doodle on the occasion of Mother’s Day on May 12. The day of celebration varies according to different countries. But most countries celebrate Mother’s Day on 2nd Sunday of May .

Mother's Day 2002 Google Doodle
Mother’s Day 2002 (May 12, 2000)

Google released a special doodle as a dedication to mothers as a part of Mother’s Day on May 12, 2002.Mother’s Day 2002 Google Doodle is simple. The first ‘o’ in The Google logo is replaced with a red rose flower. On the occasion of Mother’s Day celebration children give gifts, flowers, cards, candy to their mother.

This special day is also dedicated to honor mother and mother figures, including grandmothers, great-grandmothers, stepmothers, and foster mothers. So it is apt to give a rose flower in the logo. Mother’s Day is an occasion to celebrate motherhood and remember the sacrifice and sufferings taken by her for ours.

Mothers Day
Mothers Day…its the way to celebrate Motherhood
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Love can be only replaced with love. There is nothing they expect from their children other than love and affection. The traditions of Mother’s Day celebrations are started by Americans. It can’t be considered as direct descended celebrations that are celebrated all over the world for thousands of years which is related to mother and motherhood.

The similar past year’s celebrations are Christian mothering Sunday celebrations, Greek cult to Cybele, and   Roman festival of Hilaria.Mother’s Day celebration is started in America and it is first celebrated by Anna Jarvis in the memory of her mother. It is considered as initializer of modern day Mother’s Day holiday celebrations.