Mother’s Day 2001 Google Doodle

Mother’s Day is celebrated all over to honor the love, care and affection given by mothers. Mother’s day is celebrated on 13th May.  A Google also honored all mothers on the special occasion of Mother’s Day by releasing a doodle in its home page.

Mother’s Day 2001Google Doodle
Mother’s Day 2001(May 13, 2001)

Mother’s Day 2001 Google Doodle consisted of the logo with a beautiful rose and two rose buds. Doodle also contained wordings in honor of mothers. Though there were no crowded figures and decorations in the doodle it reflected theme of the day very clearly, was similarly beautiful as Mother’s Day 2000 Google Doodle The placement of rose and rose buds under the logo alphabet ‘G’ added the beauty of the doodle.

It was from 1908 Mother’s Day got great importance in the world. The hand behind this is Anna Jarvis. Through her fight for mothers government permitted Mother’s Day as a public holiday in 1914. She created a Mother’s Day international association. Dates for Mother’s Day celebrations vary from country to country.

Mother's Love
Mother’s Day
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Children will give flowers and gifts to their mom’s on that day. On that season gift shops will be flooding with Mother’s Day cards and special Mother’s Day gifts. Family outing’s and picnics are common in this day.

Every country celebrates the day according to their culture and tradition. In most of the place Mother’s Day is celebrated on second Sunday of May. Government also initiates special programs on this day to honor mothers. There several awards given by government on this day.

On this Mother’s Day Google respected all mothers with this doodle. As we know rose flower represents love. By including rose flowers and two rose buds in the doodle Google clearly explained the love of mothers.