Jelly Bean became the most using android version

From the every updation of android versions from Google we had seen Gingerbread on the top position.Now Jelly Bean became the most using android version by surpassing Gingerbread. Now Jelly Bean have 38% of market and Gingerbread following it with 34% of adoption.

most using android versionThe time to time updation of platform version from Google gives the users exact informations about the market value. Upon the previous updation we had seen that Jelly Bean have 33% of adoption in where Gingerbread have 36% adoption at that time. Now the adoption for Jelly Bean increases by 5% and became most using android version.

Still it can’t be concluded as Jelly Bean have constant growth. Most of all android manufactures today uses android Jelly Bean version. The most selling Samsung Galaxy SIV, Xperia Z and HTC One runs on android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. It is the latest version of android operating system. The latest version of android hit with 5.6% of total market.

Also it is to be noted that many most modern Smartphone users switched to android 4.2 Jelly Bean version from older versions. Android 4.0 Ice Cream sandwich now have 23.5 of adoption. In previous updation it counted 25.6%. The most using version of android before recent months Gingerbread now has 34% market.

Most of the Gingerbread users don’t wish to upgrade for modern versions. One of the reasons for it is such an upgradation someway slow down the phone. It must be noted the processor capability before you going for such upgrade.

The smoother and secured experience is the reason for the adoption of Jelly Bean version by most of the android manufactures. Other than this new camera experience and the presence of innovative Google services make this version more comfortable for the usage. The Google Now support brings right informations at right time. It is thinks to be in coming months the Jelly Bean version will becomes most using android version. Also the release of android 4.3 is get closer. It is another version of Jelly Bean with affordable improvements.