Moon Festival Google Doodle with round moon

As usual Google came up with the special logo in it’s homepage of China, Taiwan and Hong Kong where Moon Festival is celebrated with great importance. Moon Festival Google Doodle was designed with the ingredients which spread the message of festival.

Moon Festival Google Doodle
Moon Festival(September 25, 2007)

It was on September 25th these countries celebrated Moon Festival. This is one among the most celebrated days in those countries. Mid-autumn festival is the other name by which Moon Festival is known in some other places. This name is given to the festival as it come in a date which falls on the mid of autumn season.

There is a tradition of worshipping moon on this day by the women in these places. Google doodle included the picture of women and moon in it to make it perfect for the theme of day. In the doodle the image of lady is included by replacing the Google logo alphabet ‘l’ which is overlapped with the picture of moon. There is a slight cartoonish shade in the way the images are placed in the doodle.

People in the countries were the celebration takes place gather together in the family on the day and pray together and celebrate the day with many special varieties of programs and parties.

It’s during the period of Shang Dynasty the celebration of Moon Festival or Mid-Autumn Festival began. There are many special customs followed on the day. The main among the customs are Thanksgiving. This day is especially dedicated to thank God for all the good things happened throughout the year. So thanks giving prayers will be recited on worship places on the day.

Moon Festival is celebrated on full moon day so special dances are performed at night of the day. Moon dance is very special traditional dance style that we can see in China and other neighboring countries on the day.

Moon Festival
Moon Festival
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In some other countries similar celebrations takes place on the day but the name given for the celebrations vary due to cultural and religious differences. Moon cake festival, thanks giving festival and lantern festival are the other common names given for the festival.

The celebration of the day begins when the full moon comes out of the cloud. Many special dishes are prepared in the houses for making the celebrations even better. Usually prepared dishes are arranged in the stone tables outside the house where the view of moon is clear. When the moon is out of clouds people will wish their friends and family and have the prepared food.

There is a great association with Jade Rabbit for the festival. Jade Rabbit is believed to be living in doodle looking after planet. Clay model of Jade Rabbit is also seen in the meal tables of the houses on the day. There are many legends related to Jade Rabbit and Moon Festival in the countries were this special festival is celebrated.

Apart from feasting on dishes special cultural programs, games and sport items are seen on every places of the country. Lion dance and dragon dance are the main among these programs. People all over the country celebrate this festival with great respect and importance.