Facebook Introduced ‘Missed Call’ Ad In India For Advertisers

Nowadays more than one billion people used to access Facebook through mobile devices. It is huge in numbers in countries like India, Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico, South Africa and Nigeria. By focusing this statistics Facebook introduced missed call Ad system in India, for helping advertisers for emerging markets.

In high growth countries like India people have tendency to use features phone for connecting with friends, families and brands. That’s why Facebook offered advertisers new system to place ads on featured phones in last year. The new Ad system from Facebook focused for telecommunication system in the country, the miss call behavior.

Because of high voice call rates people in India dial a targeted number and hang up before the person at another end attend the call. It is also found as a request for the second person to make a call back.

Through this new Ad system Facebook users from India can place a ‘missed call’ by clicking the Ad from their mobile devices. The advertisers will embed their customer service number within Ads. In India Facebook test this system with advertisers like Garnier Men. In return call from the advertiser the user will get valuable contents and brand message. In that way user will not lose money for voice call or data.

For reaching people from every sections Facebook also offers different targeting methods for advertisers. That is they can target people in accordance with life stage. For example, employees, parents, retirees…Etc. As location of people also matter in advertising the geo-targeting system from Facebook help advertisers can target people from various cities or by state.