Mimar Sinan’s Birthday Doodle on April 15 by Google

On the Turkish architect Mimar Sinan’s Birthday Google published a doodle in Turkey. Mimar Sinan’s Birthday Google Doodle included all the famous architectural works of Sinan in it. With this doodle Google honored him, his art and architectural talent.


Mimar Sinan’s Birthday Doodle
Mimar Sinan’s Birthday Doodle (April 15, 2009)

Mimar was a son of stonemason and it made him getting interested in architecture. There more than 300 works in Mimar Sinan’s name. After completing the technical education Mimar Sinan’s entered in to the military as a military engineer.

Mimar had a passion to become an architect from the childhood itself, so he started assisting the lead architect very soon though he was taught mathematics and carpentry in the auxiliary school.

While being the part of military career Mimar proved himself as a good architect and engineer with his skills. Most of the building that  constructed are situated in Istanbul and most of them are mosques.

Sinan’s career can be classified in to three categories like apprentice period, qualification period and master age. All works came out of empirical view rather than theatrical calculations. Mimar’s works was very unique and he included a different refreshment while constructing the buildings.

Mimar Sinan
Mimar Sinan[CourtesyImage Credit :nenasildir]
We can see purity and fresh refreshing feel while stepping in to the buildings in Mimar Sinan’s design. Semi Pasa Mosque, Tophane fountain, Sehzade Mosque, Sulaymaniye Mosque, Sokullu Mahmet Pasa Mosque and Mihrirmah mosque ushkudar are tsome among the famous buildings constructed in his name.

Mimar Sinan’s Birthday Doodle including his most famous works in it to make it a perfect doodle to honor him in his birthday. The inclusion of buildings to write the logo made it adopt a new style in design. Inclusion of different colors for the building and bridges in the Sinan’s Birthday Doodle made it colorful and beautiful.

Sinan died in the year 1588 and he was honored with many honors for his extraordinary architectural skills after his death also. Mimar Sinan university is named in honor of him and crater in Mercury is also was given his name in his honor after death.

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