Australian writer Miles Franklin’s Birthday marked with Google Doodle

Miles Franklin, Australian writer celebrates 135th Birthday with Google Doodle. Its on 14th October, doodle for Miles decorated Google Australia homepage.

Miles Franklin Google Doodle
Miles Franklin Google Doodle(October 14, 2014)

Novel My Brilliant Career is the most famous of Miles Franklin works. It was in 1901 this novel was published. Google Doodle for Franklin depicts image from this novel. Google logo alphabet is also included in doodle in a new style.Clicking doodle, search page of Miles Franklin will be listed. Australian Google users can see doodle for 24 hours in homepage.

Miles Franklin was born in Talbingo, New South Wales on 14 October 1879. Franklin was eldest daughter of her parents. Brent of Bin Bin, Vernacular, Ogniblat are some other names in which the writer was known.

As mentioned, My Brilliant Career is the most successful work of Franklin,the novel was filmed in 1979 by Gillian Armstrong. Many theoretical adaptations and television shows also were out based on the novel. Other most famous work of Franklin are All that Swagger, My Carrer goes bungs. Combining with other writers, Franklin contributed to Australian literature through out her life.

With an ambition to develop unique Australian literature, Franklin guided many writers and writers organization. Miles Franklin Award was introduced according to her will bequeathing her estate to fund the award. The award was given annually for the novel which shows Australian life in any phase and also having high literary merit.

Franklin spent some years of her life in USA and England and returned to Australia. Franklin was died on 19 September at the age of 74 in the year 1954. After her death many schools and building were renamed to Miles Franklin’s name in her novel My Biggest Career got many awards. Google Doodle for her 135th Birthday is also an honor to her.