Mihaly Munkacsy Birthday Doodle by Google on Feb 20th

The Google Doodle on February 20th was of  Mihaly Munkacsy Birthday. Mihaly Munkacsy was a Hungarian painter, who works with the genre works, photographs and more on biblical paintings. Mihaly Munkacsy’s original name was Michael von Lieb.

Mihaly Munkacsy Birthday doodle by Google
Mihaly Munkacsy’s Birthday (February 20,2011)


Mihaly Munkacsy
Mihaly Munkacsy
(Image Credit : Kisalfold.hu)

Mihaly Munkacsy Birthday was born on the year of 1844 and lived in Paris. Munkacsy mainly pointed his paintings to the scenes of the daily life of peasants and the poor people in early days. At first he made the colorful and theatrical styles for painting of contemporary Hungarian genre painters.

It’s common that Google honors artists on their birthday by doodles including their famous paintings.Mihaly Munkacsy birthday doodle is a similar one.

The Google Doodle itself is  Munkacsy’s one of the painting. The painting was “Woman Carrying Brushwood”. This painting was reflecting the scenes of the human life.

Later Munkasy start to learn about the paintings of landscapes After that he got the chance to learn more about the paintings that represent the emotions from the Dusseldorf genre painters

Munkacsy began his work on the emotions and the different figures and treated them as a group. One of his paintings that represent it was “The Last Day of a Condemned Man”. This painting is considered as his master piece and the picture was rewarded with the Gold Medal of the Paris Salon in 1870.

Mihaly Munkacsy Birthday Doodle by Google was representing really one of his beautiful painting homepage. He has the talent to take the life in the hands of colours.His paintings capture the capabilities of the popular painter.

Some of Mihaly Munkacsy popular paintings are “Christ before Pilate” ,”Glorification of the Renaissance”, “Pluckmakers” and more..In 1896 Munkacsy’s health comes to declined and on May 1st 1990 he passed away. Mihaly Munkacsy Birthday doodle by Google was a real honor for him.