How To Migrate Your Orkut Data To Google+ Account

Google already announced that it’s social networking service Orkut will be shutting down on 30th September 2014. It was not at all a global hit but managed to made great impact  on countries like India and Brazil. Still there are two options available for Orcut lovers to keep their scraps, Photos and Testimonials.orkut websiteThe first method is exporting of Orcut data to your Google+ account. But this feature no longer available after 30th September 2014. In another method you can download Orkut data using Google takeout, available until September 2016.

Exporting Orkut Data To Google+ Account

  • Sign in with your Google+ account.
  • Then go to the page OrkutAlbumsExport.Orkut album exporting page
  • Select each albums you want to export or choose all albums.migrating orkut data to Google+
  • Click on ‘Import selected’.

All of exported albums from Orkut only visible to you. At same time you can change visible mode from private to public so that albums becomes visible to others.

You can also download your Orkut data to your computer as a ZIP file using Google Takeout.

Downloading Orkut Data Using Google Takeout

First of all Google takeout is a project from Google data front. This feature allows the users to download data from Google product as a ZIP file.

Using Google Takeout you can download following data from Orkut

  • Photos.
  • Scraps and testimonials received.
  • Profile and activities.

To download Orkut data

  • Open Google Takeout page and sign in with your Google account.Google takeout
  • Select Orkut from the list of Google services.Orkut data archive
  • Then click create archive, have to wait until archive become ready for downloadOrkut data downloading
  • Click download when archive is ready.

Google put no limitation on how many times you can download your Orkut data. So that you can donload the data again in case of deletion or loss of previously downloaded data.