Middle East Mother’s Day 2014 Special Google Doodle

Google presents this beautiful Mother’s Day 2014 Special Google Doodle on 21 March on homepage of UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar and also on some other Middle east countries.

Middle East Mother's Day 2014
Middle East Mother’s Day 2014(March 21,2014)

The design of Google Doodle is as if it is sketched  with color pencil. You can see image of mother reading stories from story book with two children listening curiously.  Toys, stars and small playing things are included to design the logo characters of Google in blue background. Doodle depicts a typical home with a caring mother and love of mother towards the children.

It’s in Middle eastern countries, Mother Day celebrations takes place on March. In most of other places second Sunday of May is the day dedicated for mothers. In most Arab countries first day of spring is welcomed with great importance and mothers day also is given a date which focus on birth of spring season, the season of life and hope.

Starting from 1908, Mother Day celebrations includes many programs all around the world. Though celebration day varies, most of people dedicate entire day for respecting mother and motherhood.

Anna Jarvis is the lady who inspired everyone to dedicate a day for mothers. She is the founder of international mothers organization. As the day varies, symbols, traditions and customs of the day also is different from country to country. Google always have special Mothers Day doodles for the celebration of the day.

List of mothers day doodles includes both animated and non animate ones. Previous year Google came up with an interactive doodle with venting machine to create lovely mother day gifts and share it with mother on second Sunday of May, the day most countries have officially dedicated for mothers day celebration.