Mid Autumn Festival Google Doodle 2013 on September 19th

Mid Autumn Festival Google Doodle 2013 published in Google homepage on September 19th, 2013. Mid Autumn festival is also known as Moon Festival in many places.

Mid Autumn Festival Google Doodle 2013
Mid Autumn Festival Google Doodle 2013 (September 19, 2013)

Mid Autumn Festival is one among the most celebrated festival in most of Asian countries. Here in the doodle we can see full moon, which is the common sight on this day.Mid Autumn Festival Google Doodle 2013  also included stars, mountains, lanterns and light arrangements. To announce the specialty of the day, doodle also have included picture of family enjoying, watching the full moon. The little animation to image of flowing water in the river adds great charm to the doodle.

A similar doodle, Harvest Moon Festival doodle 2013 was published in the Google home page of Japan on the same day. Stories and legends related to this doodle is common in all Asian countries. Google doodle for moon festival is published  every year since 2005.

People over China, Singapore and Japan follows many traditional customs like making lanterns, moon cakes and special dishes on Mid Autumn Festival day. It’s a family day for people over places where moon festival is celebrated.

As the moon festival is celebrated on 15th day of 8th lunar month, in most cases it falls on month of September in Georgian calendar. This year it’s on September 19th. The festival programs began early in the week itself and last till 21st. Shopping malls and shops were filled with decorative lanterns and lights.People are busy in making moon cakes to have it with family looking the full moon on the moon festival day. Dragon dance, lion dance, fire works are seen in streets to make the celebration colorful.

Koreans celebrate this day as Thanksgiving day or Turkey Day. Both Mid Autumn Festival known by Moon Festival and Thanksgiving festival has got great relations. Both the festivals follows some similar customs and traditions.  There is also a Thanksgiving Festival Google doodle 2013 in Korea on the same day.