Mid Autumn Festival 2014 celebrates Google Doodle on September 8th

Mid Autumn festival also known as Moon Festival marked with Google Doodle. This Chinese festival falls on 8th September in 2014. Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines and Vietnam are place which mostly celebrate the day.

Mid Autumn Festival 2014 Google Doodle
Mid Autumn Festival 2014 Google Doodle(September 8, 2014)

Mid Autumn Festival is celebrated in different countries with different names.Korean festival Chuseok and Japanese festival Tsukimi,marking harvest on same date is the variant of Mid Autumn festival. All rituals in program of celebration includes thanksgiving and praying.

Google Doodle focus on legend relating to Jade rabbit in its design. Clicking on doodle, you will get search link for Mid Autumn Festival.

Mid Autumn Festival

Mid Autumn harvest festival have its origin in Shang Dynasty, 3000 years before. People over China and Vietnam started the celebration of moon festival to show gratitude for good harvest they got. Legends and stories related to celebration vary from country to country. Day for moon festival celebration is 15th day of 8th month in Chinese calendar.

In most of the place, Moon Festival Day is a holiday. Working people come and celebrate with family the festival every year. In China, Moon Festival is listed as ‘ Intangible cultural heritage’. This the second most celebrated festival in China ,giving first place for  New Year celebrations.

Programs of moon festival includes worshiping moon at night, offering a part of harvest to god, feasting, dancing and singing. You can see lion dance and dragon dance on different part of China, Japan, Vietnam and other countries were Moon Festival is celebrated.

Moon cakes and lanterns are unavoidable part of moon festival. Days before itself streets will be filled with lantern sellers. You can see lanterns with variety in size, shape and colors every were. Moon cakes are made in every house and senior most member will cut the cake and distribute to every member in family, this is a common tradition followed on the day. Matchmaking and playing special games also makes the day.

Other names for Moon Festival are Lantern Festival, Harvest Festival, Zhongqiu Festival, Reunion Festival and Moon cake Festival. Means and methods of celebration changes as the time passed. Modern celebrations includes party and outings, new games and art forms have evolved in relation to festival.