Microsoft will start hardware manufacturing very shortly

For the long 37 year from 1975 Microsoft focused for software development and became the superior. Now the software giant plans to enter for next level. Microsoft will start hardware manufacturing very shortly.Microsoft will start hardware manufacturing very shortly

The hardware vision of Microsoft can be seen from the introduction of home grown Surface tablet. The production of first ever tablet from the software giant had taken more than a year. . By inspired from Surface tablet design Microsoft focused for hardware cum software business just like that of Apple. Microsoft thinks that their software will be performed at its best when the required hardware is manufactured by the Company itself.

The Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said that the main reason for why the company plans for hardware manufacturing is because of they don’t have good partners. He also added that it is better to design by Microsoft itself rather than searching for other manufacturing companies. If Microsoft can couple together the software with hardware development then surely it becomes one of the greatest achievements for the company. According to Ballmer’s words “…There is no boundary between hardware and software that we will let build up as a kind of innovation barrier…”

Microsoft Corporation grows up to today’s level as a software giant by more than 37 years of focus on the same field. One of the main products that make Microsoft such a powerful tech Company is Windows – The dominant personal computer operating system.

Begin from MS-DOS in 1980s the series reached in next generation operating system Windows 8. According to total operating system market share Microsoft had more than 75% share. Within just 11 years there are m billionaires and 12000 millionaires are created from Microsoft Company. After that the software giant had started other software businesses. It acquired popular Skype service for making better communication service.

Skype makes IM voice and video chats at its best. Like PC operating system the office suits also became a powerful service from Microsoft. Later the Company renamed it as Microsoft office. The software business range of Microsoft is not shortened with these lists but it is expanded through wide range of services such as internet search engine Bing, video gaming Xbox digital service MSN…Etc. Microsoft also had a powerful mobile operating system known as Windows phone. In 2012 with Surface tablet they entered into tablet world.

When the company made its own hardware and software they can get a clean idea about what will suits the most. Microsoft joins with Oracle to provide the users engineered system approach. The Oracle CEO Larry Ellison had keen vision of this project. Microsoft hardly believed that to accomplish the great mission there must be a support of well experienced companies and experts. “…Sometimes getting the innovation right across the seam of hardware and software is difficult unless you do both of them…” The CEO of Microsoft Steve Ballmer said.