Microsoft plans for smartphone manufacturing

The software giant Microsoft had already shown their dominance in operating system field with Windows and enters to tablet market with surface tablet. Now Microsoft plans for smartphone plans for smartphone manufacturing

Microsoft had released the latest version of Mobile operating system Windows phone 8 on 29th October. Currently the Windows mobile OS is used by the popular manufactures Nokia and HTC. Microsoft’s decision of handset manufacturing comes after the release of Windows phone 8 OS.

The handset manufacturing decision of Microsoft also point out the concept behind using its own hardware and software for the smartphone. This is the way in which Apple makes out the successful I phone series. Microsoft also looking up for 4 inch screen smartphones same as that of new I phone.

Now Microsoft only shines in software market. Even though it had Mobile OS Windows phone the major part of the market is ruled out by Google Android and Apple iOS. Upon this Android gained more than 65% of total market Microsoft have only 2%. The Microsoft event that held on 26th October introduced first tablet computer from the company- the surface tab. But the real fact is that it have to face tight competition from I pad series of Apple and from Samsung tabs.

To become a successful smartphone manufactures Microsoft have to introduce new ideas in the field. It is also rumored that the software giant has a plan of buying Finnish cellphone maker Nokia. It is because of today the future of Nokia only depend upon Windows phone OS and if Microsoft turns for Manufacturing the Finnish giant gets struggled forever.