Microsoft hacked similar to Apple and Facebook

Recently we heard about Apple and Facebook met with cyber attack from hackers. Now Microsoft hacked similar to Apple and Facebook.

Microsoft hacked similar to Apple and FacebookThis series of hacking incident points to the reliability of the latest technologies. If this series of hacking continues it will a great treat for the existing tech giants as well as common PC users.  Though there were a hacking series no data is said to be compromised with the security attack.

The security intrusion which Microsoft faced is said to be occurred by the plug in vulnerabilities of Java program used for the web browsing. Just imagine what will be the case of common PC users if the tech giants are facing such issues.

Some number of computer units and Mac software business units are the said to be attacked with malware. But it seems that company is ready to overcome all kinds of attack. The general manager of Microsoft Matt Tomlinson stated that it was done by the determined and persistent adversaries. Microsoft is the trust worthy company that have provided all type of security measures updated at all time.

Though the hackers are not yet found out reports says that it may done by some China based hacking teams or Eastern European hackers. We have to wait for a while to get the people behind the hacking series happened with the largest and popular tech companies.

Twitter also have reported that they also had a similar malware intrusion in the last week as in Apple and Facebook. As this problem of hacking is increasing day by day some sort of actions should be taken by the official authorities to make sure that everything is going well and clear.