Microsoft disables password reset option from Skype

The widely used voice over internet protocol service Skype had reported security vulnerability in its service.Microsoft disables password reset option from Skype. They reported that this temporary action is meant to avoid the resetting of your password by someone else.

Microsoft disables password reset option from SkypeThe third party hacking of Skype accounts had reported recently but that is very short in numbers. For this time a large numbers of accounts had been attacked. The attackers made the loophole through the mail ID you have provided in the Skype profile. Your Skype accounts are tightly attached to the email you have provided while you are sign up for the account.

When you using an existing or commonly used email address for creating a new account the Skype will send your user name for accessing the service. The main area where attacker focused is that the password reset page provided in Skype application which is merely connected to the mail you have provided. So that the hackers can change all the account associated with that particular mail. This action leads to the removal of your original Skype account.

Microsoft thinks that to disable the password reset page for temporary so that the service can restrict the anonymous attacks. The best way to get rid of this security vulnerability is that to provide the alternate email address in your account. To change the mail ID you have provided in Skype just go through the following steps:

  • go through the address
  • Login with your account.
  • On the home page tap on profile menu.
  • Click on account details and select contact details.
  • Edit for the email section you have provided.
  • Add alternative email address
  • Click on save.

The analyst had reported that the way of resetting is easy with the existing email you have provided. They have made the confirmation on their members Skype account with their permission and can rest the password also gain their account within no time.

Skype is one of the most effective applications from Microsoft Inc with more than 600 million users. The service is works according to voice over internet protocol. It is one of the services that allow most advanced video chatting. It also allows video conferencing up to 10 persons. The video conferencing on Skype demanded one of the members with Skype premium account. Also webcam enabled systems with internet connection with minimum speed 512kb/s.