Michelangelo’s 528th Birthday Google Doodle

Michelangelo’s 528th Birthday was celebrated by Google by publishing a special doodle in his honor on Google homepage. Michelangelo was born on 6th March 1475. He was well known as a painter, architect and poet. He introduced a unique and different form of art. His work had a power to capture attraction of every one. He is the best among the artists world had seen till now.

Michelangelo's 528th Birthday Google Doodle
Michelangelo’s 528th Birthday(March 5, 2003)

Google doodle on this day was also unique and perfect .He always gave the best in his works. Doodle included David which was the world famous work of Michelangelo. Google logo is pictured in the home page as it is carved out of marble blocks. Michelangelo’s sculptures were marvelous and had great recognition all around the world. Michelangelo’s 528th Birthday Google Doodle was designed succeeded in announcing the specialty of the day. Creativity and imagination of the designer is really worth appreciation.

Michelangelo’s actual name is Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni. He was a unique person with a different attitude and thoughts. He was a man who lived as a poor man though he had the caliber to attain what he wants.


Michelangelo was the only western artist of that time whose biography was written at his life time. He was extraordinarily famous at his time. Many other artists made portraits of him. Most of his works were not displayed publically; in fact he himself destroyed many of his works before the death.

There are lots of works in Michael’s name all around the world. David, Pieta, Saint Proclus, Bacchus, Tondo Teddei, Virgin and Child are some of the famous works. His works are published in many historically important places. In churches and chapels of Vatican and Rome we can see many of his paintings.

He has proved that he was not only a good artist but also a good poet by his works. The fame and reputation of his works are outstanding. That is clearly reflected in this action by Google to publish a doodle on the 538thbirthday of Michelangelo. Through this doodle we can clearly understand how much impact had Michelangelo’s paintings made on the world. He was a man with great talent.

The artistic talent of this great personality does not have anyone to replace. Though centuries passed his works and paintings are preserved with great honor and respect all over the world. “Talents does not die, it will live centuries after its birth” this is truly reflected through the works of Michelangelo.