Google Mexico gets a Doodle on Search Homepage for Independence Day 2014

Google Doodle on 16th September in search homepage of Mexico marks Independence Day. Its the 204th anniversary of Mexican Independence Celebrated this year.

Mexico Independence Day 2014 Google Doodle
Mexico Independence Day 2014 Google Doodle(September 16. 2014)

Following the day of the Cry of Dolores, arrival of anniversary of ‘Cry of the Independence’  on Tuesday was welcomed with great celebrations in Mexico. Google Doodle in Mexican flag colors with special cuisine which decorates the dinning tables of Mexico , added the color of celebrations by search giant.

To know more on Mexican Independence Day and details of celebration, Google directs you to search page of Mexico Independence Day, clicking doodle. Hovering mouse pointer over doodle, Happy Independence Day will be popped up in front of you.

As its the Independence Day, doodle was present in Mexican homepage of Google. Those who likes to get more on doodles, entire doodle since 1998 is on Google Doodles official page. Despite of country barriers every one can enjoy the logo change of search giant.

Mexico Independence Day

September 16th, every year to commemorate the beginning of War of Independence in 1810,  Mexican organize grant programs and entire country will be flowing in a celebration mood.

Main and most important part in Mexican Independence Day celebration is ringing of Dolores at mid night of 15th September. At National Palace, Mexican President rings the bell, along with that president  repeats shout of Patriotism, names of great freedom fighters will be included with Grito de Dolores. Google highlighted this event of Independence Day celebration in Google Doodle of 2013. Doodle included a little bit animation too.

It was since 1825 celebration of Independence Day began in Mexico. The day is one of the most celebrated days in Mexico and is a public holiday. People join with family and visit Independence Memorials and go for outings and party on the day.