Google celebrates Mexico Independence Day 2013 with Animated doodle

Google celebrates Mexico Independence Day 2013 with Animated Google doodle in homepage on September 16th.It’s this little animation added which makes Google doodle attractive.

 Mexico Independence Day 2013 with Animated doodle
Mexico Independence Day 2013 with Animated doodle(Sep 16, 2013)

In the Mexico Independence Day 2013 animated Google doodle, we can see the logo alphabet separated in to two half. We can see in between a bell ringing of bell at National palace. The Mexican independence day is celebrated to commemorate day when the cry for independence arose in Mexico 1810.

The entire Google alphabets is wrote with red and green colors. These two colors are the colors comprised in the Flag of Mexico separated by a white vertical line with emblem.

To make Mexico Independence Day 2013  doodle much more colorful, we can see Mexican people in traditional outfits in the doodle. It’s points to the heritage, culture, art and tradition of Mexicans. Today also we can see people wearing this traditional dresses on special occasions.

It’s from Spain, Mexican gained Independence. Mexican war of Independence has got great influence in the history and culture of the country.

On this day, Mexican blow horns, whistle and bells to announce their independence and share happiness. Parties, decorations, flags and celebration makes day great. It’s a public holiday in Mexico. The day before independence day, September 15th is dedicated to commemorate the ‘Shout of Dolores’ in Mexico.

We can here people parsing the country and shouting Viva Mexico and Viva Independence over Mexico. Beginning of observance of this day starts when President of Mexico ring a bell at 11 PM, at National placein Mexican city.

Miguel Hidalgo is the leader who started the independence movement in the history of Mexico. Dolores is the place over there which has got deep relation with independence movement.Though the struggle for independence began in 1810, until 1821 the war of independence continued. It’s on September 28th, 1821 Mexico was declared as a independent nation.

Since then every year Mexican celebrates the day when they started the cry for Independence . Google celebrates Mexico Independence Day 2013 with animated doodle and wished Mexicans.