Mexican Independence Day Google Doodle with Grito de Dolores

Mexican Independence Day is celebrated on 16th September every year. Google doodle on this day was especially dedicated to spread the message of day in Mexico. It’s after a longwar of Independence Mexico gained Independence. Independence Day of Mexico is the most celebrated Mexican day in the year.

Mexican Independence Day Google Doodle
Mexican Independence Day(September 16, 2005)

Mexican Independence Day Google Doodle included the famous Grito de Dolores in it in the place of Google alphabet ‘o’. It’s on 16th September in 1810 war of independence begun in Mexico. It was from the town Dolores the war of independence began.

Independence Day has got significance in every country in the world. Every country has deep relation with the day when the light of freedom reached in to its soil. The day of independence is different for different countries. Mainly the Independence Day in every country is observed to honor the great comrades who fought for independence. Google always comes up with special doodles on its homepage on Independence Day. Similarly Google came up with a special doodle and gifted Mexicans this one on their day of independence.

Mexican Independence Day is celebrated with many parties, parades and commemorative functions. The celebration of the Independence Day starts on the evening of 15th itself. Mexicans has got great respect for their nation. They always show their honor towards the soldiers who sacrificed life for them on this day with prayers and other commemorative functions.

Mestizos and Amerindians are the main leaders who fought for independence. Mexican war of independence began as a small peasant landlord war but it ended as a huge alliance. After the formation of allied forces the war of independence began in Mexico. It is said that more than 2000 people were killed on this war. The war of independence of Mexico lasted for many years and it came in to the climax in the year 1821. It was on the 27thof September Mexico was declared as an official independent nation.

Mexican Independence Day
Mexican Flag[ Image Credit]
After the proclamation of independence Mexico came up with a new change and spark. Mexican Independence Day is the major celebration which is bigger than the Cinco de Mayo. The entire country will be decorated with lights, flowers, toys and Mexican flags.  Red, green and white are the colors included in the Mexican national flag. Most of the decorations on this day include this color in it.

The main celebration of Mexico is in Mexican square. When the bell rings at eleven o clock president comes out of palace balcony and ring the famous liberty bell. This was a symbolic repetition of what happened in the war time of independence. The celebrations of the day lasts till the night fireworks.