Mercedes Benz to put QR code for smarter rescue

An ideal vehicle is one with excellent performance with advanced security options. The German auto king Mercedes Benz is one among them. They put forward new innovative security plan recently. Mercedes Benz to put QR code for smarter rescue.

Mercedes Benz to put QRAny process gets completed so easily when the accessing of information regarding it done quickly. That is why most of all sections make use of QR code today. The two dimensional matrix code system easily to convey informations. The QR code scanning application can be found within modest of all Smartphones and tablets. Now the same technology shortly will available on Mercedes Benz.

The instant accessing of information through QR code scanning with Smartphone camera really makes the sense. The German auto king adapts this technology rescue purposes. They plan to fix QR code within their vehicles. Such code contains most of all information regarding the particular vehicle.

Upon the rescue process the cops and fire fighters first of all looking up for the rescue sheet from the vehicle. They can take immediate actions when they get definite idea about the vehicle. That is about air bags, electric cable, battery, fuel tank…Etc. Because they should have to ensure that no further problems arise while taking the operation.Mercedes Benz

So the new Mercedes Benz innovation turns to security identity and can save many lives. The code can be found within perfect part that can be detected very easily. In this way information gathering through telephone according to the number plate of vehicle can be avoided. It is because such a way of identification takes so much time. QR code fixing provides the information much faster.

The manufactures will provide this technology from this year onwards. Mercedes Benz becomes the first ever auto series to get this technology. All series of Mercedes Benz autos will get this innovative feature. It surely saves lives and becomes a blessing for both drivers and rescuers.