Men’s Day 2008 Google Doodle in Russia with flower replacing ‘g’

Google came up with a beautiful Google doodle on Men’s Day that is on February 23rd. Russia is the country which celebrates Men’s Day in grand way equal and important as Father’s Day.

Men’s Day 2008 Google Doodle
Men’s Day 2008 Google Doodle (February 23, 2009)

In the Men’s Day 2008 Google Doodle we can see that a flower replacing the letter ‘g’. It’s in Russia this day is celebrated as Men’s Day while in other countries Father’s Day is celebrated like this. As it is the day dedicated to men, they are given great importance on the day.

Women give gifts to their father, brother, husband, boyfriend and co-workers on this day to make this day special for them. Women show their respect for men on this day by making them happy and making them feel cared.

There are many special days celebrated to honor ladies like mother’s day and women’s day in almost all countries. A concept of Men’s Day primarily began in Russia and now also it’s continued there with great respect and celebrations. Apart from Russia there are some more nations like Ukraine, Belarus, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan celebrates men’s day.

It was in the year 1919 the concept of day specially dedicated to man arose. Initially the celebration was related to people serving for armed forces. Later on, it got equal importance of Father’s Day celebrated on third Sunday of June.

Celebration on this day are similar to women’s day. Every were we can see special gifts and flowers to give to your loving father, husband, son, boyfriend and so on. In offices and other public places also women will wish men and give gifts.

As the day has got relation with men served for Russian army special programs and parades takes place over there to honor all comrades dedicated the life on Men’s Day celebration.