Memorial Day 2013 Google Doodle

Final Monday of May is observed as Memorial Day in USA. In the year 2013 Google homepage was decorated by  Memorial Day 2013 Google Doodle to make the day special. The main aim of the day is to honor those who died during military service.

Memorial Day 2013 Google Doodle Google home page included the picture of American flag to make the day special. This shows how much important is the day in the country. Every country honor those who died fighting for the country in one day in a year. Though the day and name for the observance vary country to country all know how important it’s to honor those who fought for the good of nation. Google doodle are common on this days in their homepages.

Remembrance Day, ANZAC Day are some of the alternatives used for the similar observances in other countries. Though name varies most of the countries follow similar ceremonies and programs on the day.

For the Memorial Day observed on final Monday of May it includes flag hoisting ceremonies in the morning, speeches and other special functions. Google always have  showed their respect for the country by publishing special doodles on the homepage  landed in USA on this day every year.

In USA Memorial day marks the staring of summer vacation. As it marks the beginning of it they organize a wide range of programs to make the day special and to honor their ancestors who made their life simple by dedicating their life for nation.

Memorial Day
Memorial Day[Image Credit :villagetattler]
Cemeteries are decorated beautifully on this day and special prayer takes place there on the day. People all around the country travel and join with the family for the observances of the day as it is a federal holiday in the nation.

Though the observance of the day for those who died for nation began on 1860’s it reached in today’s form in the end of eighteenth century. Earlier this particular day was known by the name Decoration Day as people concentrate in decorating the graves of the men and women died in military service. It was in 1882 the name changed from Decoration Day to Memorial Day.

Memorial Day parade is one of the main event that takes place on the day. The traditional observances include hoisting the flag to half the staff position till noon to remember millions of people who sacrificed life for the country. After noon the flag is raised o the top to show that their sacrifice was not in vain and to make people aware about the need of living for nation.

There are many other traditional programs that takes place on the day. As it marks the beginning of summer vacation it includes many sports and games competitions. Barbecue is the dish which is commonly cooked on the day.

Apart from small entertainment programs the entire day is observed by the whole nation with prayers for the souls of those who sacrificed life for nation and showing the respect for them in every functions.