Melbourne Cup 2005 Google Doodle

Melbourne Cup is the horse race which is popular among the Australian people since 1861. Every year this Melbourne Cup horse race takes place on second Tuesday of November. It’s very popular among the special events that takes place in Australia.

Melbourne Cup 2005 Google Doodle
Melbourne Cup 2005(October31, 2005)

Considering the importance of the day in Australia Google introduced Melbourne Cup 2005 Google Doodle in its homepage. Google Doodle included the picture of a horse and a horse rider. The replacement of Google alphabet with the horse and rider on it made Google logo look attractive.

Melbourne Cup is the most important among the racing competition in Australia. It was in 1861 Melbourne Cup began. From then it is held with an importance of a cultural festival every year with grand programs. During the initial period the distance of racing was 3218 meters later on it was changed to 3200 meters. It was in the year 1972 the new distance was fixed due to the adaptation of metric system in Australia.

Australians give great importance to this program. The declaration of public holiday by the government on this day shows how much important is Melbourne Cup. Every year lots of people all around come for Melbourne Cup. The players have to follow a series of rules and regulations for the participation in the Melbourne Cup. It is actually a thoroughbred horse race or a handicap contest in which the weight of the participant is adjusted to a same level to assure the reliability of competition.

Melbourne Cup
Melbourne Cup[ Image Credit]
Though there will be a huge crowd line up for participation, the number will reduced to 24 when it comes on the actual racing day due to safety reason. Race will be conducted only after ensuring all the safety measures.

The Melbourne Cup prize money is also an attractive figure. This also play good work in making the race competition popular among all others. All together the prize money reaches up to a range of $6175000 and the first prize winner receives more than $1 million. In the very first year of the Melbourne Cup itself the winner was awarded a gold watch.

Record breaking competitions are seen every year. Current record after the revised declaration of distance is in the hands of Kingston Rule who completed the race in a time period of 3minutes 17.9 seconds. It was in the year 1990 the record was created.

Makybe Diva is the person who had won the race for three times. The 2005 winner was also Makybe Diva. More than 110000 people come over there to witness this famous horse race. Every year the organizers include special programs to attract audience for the show. Shadow King is the person who owns the record of the most participated contested of the race. He have participated for about 6 times in the show.

There is many programs or the audients of the show too. Special prizes are given to the beautifully dressed man and women who comes to attend the show. All over a grand celebration day is the Melbourne Cup day in Australia. Google also lined up for celebration by coming up with this doodle.