Meet new features of Google Glasses with latest video

Google glass already sounds the future of wearable computing devices. Now you can meet new features of Google Glasses with latest video.

Meet new features of Google Glasses with latest videoThe main highlighted feature of Google glasses in the video is its translation. Easy translation and voice recognition with the use of indirect bone conduction speakers are included in the video. If it enter in to the world market by this year there is no doubt that Google will reach top of the world in all aspect.

Meet new features of Google Glasses with latest video

Google glasses is the most innovative product which the man have ever made. If the Google glasses comes to reality it will sometime lead to a transformation of technological view. Google was hiding the main features of the glass from the outer world till the recent time. This is the second video up loaded by Google to announce the features of Project Glass.

Recently one of Google co-founder Sergey Brin was spotted in New York wearing the Google glasses. This sophisticated new device by Google is said to have many facilities including the voice translation to video calling.

Google glasses is said to the smallest computing device that ever made which makes you enjoy all the facilities that provided by your smartphone. Now in the video launched today we can see that it is capable of translating any word that you ask in the natural language. The vast content support of Google with its knowledge graph and support to a series of language is the main advantage of Google.

With the project glass we can even take a photograph with a simple word and even can share it in the Google plus with in few seconds. Google is Google, nothing in the world can substitute it.

With the Google glass it’s sure that they will begin a new revolution in the technical world. Google glass will guide you in all the place as a good guide. By wearing Google glass as per the video clips say everything will be right in front of your eyes.

Just imagine that you are in an unknown place where you don’t had ever been. Google glass will help you. You just take a picture of nearby place and search in the Google map or just ask to translate the language in the picture you take, Google glasses will help you.

If Google succeeds in coming up with this device, it will create a new definition for technology. It’s something that beyond the imagination of ordinary man. Power of Google in making impossible things possible is witnessed by world from many of their products. So we can expect great from Google.