MC Escher’s 105th Birthday Google Doodle

Google doodle on 16th June was specially designed in honor of MC Escher’s 105th birthday. MC Escher is a well-known graphic artist.

MC Escher’s 105th Birthday Google Doodle
MC Escher’s 105th Birthday(June 16, 2003)

MC Escher’s 105th Birthday Google Doodle on this day was clear reflection of his works uniqueness. Doodle is designed without much color and crowded decoration. It’s an elegant and beautiful doodle which shows out the qualities of his work.

Doodle included one of his famous works ‘Drawing Hand’.This was an extraordinary work which made him know to the entire world. It’s actually a lithogram printed in 1948. It’s designed like two hands facing each other while wrist lying on the table with pencil in hand. The creation was as if both hands were trying to draw each other.

MC Escher
MC Escher’s ‘Drawing hands’

MC Escher was the name known by most of the Dutch people. He showed his talent in mezzotints, lithographs and mathematical woodcuts. MC Escher was born in Netherlands. His house is now a part of Princesses of Ceramics Museum.

Escher was born in the year 1898. He was a sick child admitted in a special school for studies. He didn’t show talent in studies but he showed extraordinary talent in drawing. So he was send to an architecture school where he studied under Samuel Jesurun de Mesquite. He left this school in the year 1922. But by that time he became a master in the art of drawing and making woodcuts.

The year in which he left his school was a milestone in his life. He travelled through many Italian cities and towns and was impressed by the decorative designs based on the mathematical formulas. He got married to Jetta Umeker 1924 and settled in Italy as he was fond of Italian landscape. In 1935 he moved to Switzerland as there was a political instability in Italy. But in1941 he went to Netherlands and lived there till 1970. It was in this period the best art got birth.

The first work of him was “still life and street” in1935. It was the outcome of his amazing imagination and thought. It was a woodcut art. From then till the end of his life he continued his works and gifted world something special and rare.

Most of his works were liked by mathematicians of that time. Though he didn’t have good mathematical knowledge his arts had a great relation with mathematics. His had intuitive and visual mathematical background. It was highly related to visualization of it. Some of his works includes The Bridge, Castrovalva, Tower of Babel, Street in Scanno, Pallizi, Hand with reflecting sphere and Covered alley in Atrani. All these were marvelous and unique. There were no substitutes for his talent.

He was honored by many awards during his life time. Knighthood of Order of Orange –Nassau was prominent among those. His works are now published in the Escher Museum at Hague. In 1985 Asteroid 4444 Escher was named in his honor. This great personality died in the year 1972 March 27 at the age of 73.