Max Plank’s 156th Birthday Celebrated with Google Doodle

Google on April 23 celebrated 156th Birthday of the renowned Physicist Max Plank’s with doodle. Doodle is published on homepage of selected countries.

Max Plank 156th Birthday Google Doodle
Max Plank 156th Birthday Google Doodle(April 23, 2014)

Google Doodle for Plank’s include his most known equation E=hv as the base. You can see little animation in the doodle in the place of letter ‘O’. All other alphabets except ‘o’ is included as if in the Google original logo. Light flashes hits the alphabet in the doodle for Plank’s at first and  E=hv, the equation made  Plank’s known world wide  is included at the bottom of alphabet.

Being born as the member of intellectual family on 23 April 1858, Max Plank’s got well education. He have shown interest in experiments and researches from early day of his life itself. Plank’s became a professor after his studies . H e worked in many Universities during his life time. As Plank’s, many of his student’s also became world known scientists.

It’s in 1890, Plank started his studies on Black Body Radiation.This was a turning point in the history of his life as well as the man kind. It was in 1900, the equation on quantum mechanics and quantum theory was published in a paper by Max Plank’s which changed the history of Physics.

Max Plank’s faced many problems during the period of Nazi Government.Plank has got his own pure religious views and he followed it till the end of life. For his contribution in Physics, Nobel Prize was awarded to him in the year 1918.

Apart from Nobel Prize, many awards and honors were given to Plank’s during his life time and also after his death. Lorentz Medal, Franklin Medal, Copley Medal, Max Plank Medal were awarded to him, also, he was awarded doctorates from many Universities.

It is considered that Max and Einstein together constituted the important theories of 20th Century Physics. Many buildings, monuments and places were renamed to Plank’s name in his honor , also, coins and curries portraying his image were out to show respect for him after his death on 4th October 1947.