Animated Maurice Sendak 85th Birthday Google Doodle

Google published an animated doodle in its homepage on June 10th to honor Maurice Sendak on his 85th birthday. He was a great cartoon designer, illustrator and childrens book writer.

Maurice Sendak 85th Birthday Google Doodle His birthday doodle on Google homepage included all the ingredients which makes us remember him and his work. It’s an interactive doodle with a play button to start the animation. Maurice Sendak 85th Birthday Google Doodle includes the images that are included in his famous book “Where the wild things are”.

Maurice Sendak
Maurice Sendak

We can see Max, dressed in to wolf costume which is the main character of the book in this doodle with what is mentioned as wild things in the book of Sendak. As in the childrens book in this doodle also we can see Max bedroom transforming in to jungle. We can also see them celebrating his birthday with cake, balloons and so on. Presentation of doodle from the beginning to end entirely highlights his  childrens book by which he became world famous.

Maurice Sendak was born on 10th June 1928. It was Watt Disney who inspired him at the age of twelve while seeing one of his film Fantasia. It was in the year 1963 his famous book “Where the wild things are” is published. All his other books also had got good acceptance all over. He became inspiration to many painters and artists to think in a different way.Maurice Sendak 85th Birthday-Google Doodle

Sendak was given many awards and honors throughout his life time for his works. It was in the year 2012 May 8th he died due to stroke. Now also his books and other works are popular all over. There are about 10,000 works in his name which became subject to many exhibitions. Today Google also honored him with this Google doodle.