Mary Cassatt’s Birthday doodle pointing famous painting The Child Bath

On Mary Cassatt’s Birthday Google published a special doodle on the homepage which makes us remember her work ‘The Child Bath’. Doodle that we can see below was a global doodle published on May 22nd.

Mary Cassatt’s Birthday doodle
Mary Cassatt’s Birthday (May 22, 2009)

Mary Cassatt’s Birthday Google doodle was designed as if it reflects the oil painting of Mary. Mary Cassatt’s famous painting was included in the place of alphabets ‘o’ and ‘g’ in the logo. Cassatt was a great artist who have many pictures which showcase maternal bonds and mother’s love.

Mary Cassatt was born in the year 1884 and by the age of 15 she realized about her talent and skills in drawing and with the great passion to become an artist she jointed for drawing classes though there were great objections from family.

Mary Cassatt
Mary Cassatt

By 1866 Mary Cassatt started to study under the great artist of all time Charles Chaplin and Thomas Couture. This was the time period when she started recognized as a great artist.

The painting that got birth during this time in the year 1868 “The Mandolin Player” was accepted for the Paris Salon. Then the Archbishop of her birthplace noticed her skills and gave her the contract to do some paintings for him and gave advance money. Then she restarted the painting career and continued the works for many years by drawing a number of beautiful and creative pictures.

With painting works later on Mary Cassatt started to do etching works and became a master in etching and created many beautiful etching works also. 1890’s was the period when Mary Cassatt became so popular in America that many young artist saw as a role model and many came for advice from her.

Mary was died in the year 1926 on June 14th at the age of 82. Google honored her with Mary Cassatt’s Birthday doodle on her birthday.