Mary Anning’s 215th Birthday Google Doodle

Wednesday’s Google Doodle pays tribute to British paleontologist and fossil collector Mary Anning. It’s 215th Birthday of Anning marked with this doodle.

Mary Anning's 215th Birthday Google Doodle
Mary Anning’s 215th Birthday Google Doodle(May 21,2014)

Google Doodle for Mary Anning’s portraits herself in it. Anning’s image is included in her usual style, with round cap on head, searching for fossil. Beside her, you can see her tools and equipment in a basket.

It’s in place of logo alphabet ‘l’, Mary’s image is included.All other alphabets in logo is formed with fossil, almost like a dinosaur fossil. As seen in doodle, Mary have collected many dinosaurs fossil which greatly help paleontologists to study about early life on earth.

Google Doodle will be presented on homepage of many countries including US, Kenya, India, Mexico, NewZealand, Canada, Poland, UK, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Japan, South Korea, Iceland ad France on 21 May 2014. Clicking on the Google Doodle, you can go through the links which makes you know more about Mary Anning.

Mary Anning was born on 21 May 1799. She was a member of very poor family, lost her father at age of eleven. In her younger age itself  Mary took  fossil collection as a job for making money for living.Mary found out specimens of many species including Ichthyosaurs, pterosaur, Plesiosaurs. Her findings were base for many theories regarding life and extinctions happened in previous eras on earth.  Mary died at the age of 47, due to breast cancer on 1847 March 9.

Later after her death, Mary got wide recognition all around the world, 163 years after her death,Mary Aning’s name was included in the list of most influenced British women in the history of Science by Royal Society. Life of Mary became inspiration for many artists to include it in their works.

Mary became part of many novels and stories in 20th century. In her honor, during her 200th birthday, international meeting was organized participating prominent paleontologists and historians. This Google Doodle on Mary Anning is a honor for her on 215th Birthday.