Mark Zuckerbergs Facebook account hacked by Palestinian IT expert

The best way to fix a bug within a service by informs it with the creator. Yesterday Mark Zuckerbergs Facebook account hacked by Khalil Shreateh, an IT expert from Palastein. He posted a FB security bug within Zuckerberg’s timeline.

Zuckerberg’s Facebook account hackedHacking in Facebook is a common thing today. But the news of Mark Zuckerbergs Facebook account hacked surely becomes trending news of the year. It is because he is the creator of Facebook. The target of Khalil Shreateh is not to hack Mark Zuckers account but to inform him some serious security vulnerability is within Facebook.

The vulnerability within FB that discovered by Khalil Shreateh is anyone can post updates to any Facebook users account even if they are not in his/ her friend’s list. Khalil reported through his blog post that he reported this bug to Facebook security team immediately after he found it.

Khalil Shreateh reported this bug to FB security team with a detailed description. It included a link which contains a post that he made within Sarah Goodin’s time line. She is one of the collage mates of Mark Zuckerberg, also Sarah is not a FB friend of Khalil.

How Zuckerbergs Facebook account hacked

Facebook authorities replay to Khalil that the link that send by him gives an error message. Khalil reported that it was because Sarah Goodin set his privacy settings to friends only for the posts within her timeline. He highlighted that even then he can see that post because he is the one who made that post and Khalil is not fb friend of her.Khalil's post

“Facebook security reply was that link gives error opening, if course they didn’t use their authority to use Sarah’s privacy posts as Sarah share her timeline posts with her friends only. I was able to view that post cause I am the one who did the post, it even I am not in her friends list. That what I told them in the reply and I also told them I may post to Mark Zuckerberg’s time line” Khalil shared.

Facebook security authorities again ignored Khalil’s suggestion. After that Khalil shows the security hole of Facebook to the world through posting an update within Mark Zuckerberg’s timeline. In other words Zuckerbergs Facebook account hacked by him.

Dear Mark Zuckerberg first of all sorry for breaking your privacy and post to your wall. I have no other choice to make after all reports I send to Facebook team” It is the post that made within Zuckerberg’s time line. As Zuckerbergs Facebook account hacked , now we have to look forward to see how Facebook will justify the situation. It is thinks to be this most popular Facebook post becomes a element to fix the security loophole within FB accounts.