Maria Sibylla Merian 366th Birthday Google Doodle

Maria Sibylla Merian is lady lived in the 17th century who was famous for her skills in painting on nature, plants and insects. Google honored Maria on her 366th birthday with this special doodle which makes us remember her works.

Maria Sibylla Merian 366th Birthday Google Doodle
Maria Sibylla Merian 366th Birthday(April 2, 2013)

Maria Sibylla Merian 366th Birthday Google Doodle was very special and designed especially for making world know her skill and talents. Google logo letters are written in a new style in it. The picture of lizard, butterfly, caterpillar and leaves in the doodle makes it very beautiful and natural.

The style adopted by the designer to include logo alphabets in the doodle makes it special. As Maria Sibylla Merian is famous for her illustration of life cycle of butterfly in a single image the inclusion of this concept in the doodle seems to be perfect and goes in hand with the importance of the day.

Maria Sibylla Merian is a German woman born on 2nd April 1647. She was known as a botanic artist and an illustrator. It was at the age of 13 she first started her painting works on insects and plants. She first painted the image of insects and plant at this age after closely observing the specimen that she collected.

It was in the year 1675 Maria’s first book was out and three parts of it was published by the year 1680. She was interested in observing the life stages of insects and we can see that in her drawings she illustrated the picture of insect’s metamorphosis including all stages of insect life in single image.

Maria inspected the life process of many insects during her life time and she described about the life process of more than 186 insects during that period. It was a great contribution to the scientific world as there was no correct knowledge on this during that period. Maria was died in the year 1717.

Maria Sibylla Merian was honored by Google on April 2nd of 2013 with this beautiful doodle. Google always find time to honor those who have contributed something to the world in their life time. By specially designing doodle on the 366th Birthday of Maria Sibylla Merian Google spreads the importance of the lady in the world history.

As usual Google doodle is beautiful and it included all the features to make the concept loud and clear.