Google’s Tribute to Maria Mitchell on 195th Birthday with doodle

Maria Mitchell 195th Birthday doodle appeared on Google homepage on 1st August 2013. Google Doodle for Maria’s birthday celebration was very attractive with many beautiful images. Maria Mitchell 195th Birthday doodle of this famous astronomer was published in the Google homepage landed on United States.

Maria Mitchell 195th Birthday doodle
Maria Mitchell’s 195th Birthday(August 1, 2013)

In the doodle we can see Maria Mitchell’s image as if she is observing the sky with her telescope sitting on the roof of house.Maria Mitchell 195th Birthday doodle designed in a comic manner including all the beauty and colors in a new style.

Maria Mitchell was the first female astronomer of United States and she was well known for her discovery of Miss Mitchell’s comet. For her this discovery at the age of 29 she was given many awards including a gold medal from King Frederick VII of Denmark.

Maria Mitchell
Maria Mitchell
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Though Maria Mitchell was famous as the first professional women astronomer of US she had many other policies which make her live today also in every one’s heart. She was a lady who worked for the welfare of humanity. Her contributions for bringing up women in the society to a level is noticeable.

Maria Mitchell is known as one of the founder of American Association for Advancement of Women.Yes, Maria  was a lady who did what she said. Maria was a good accomplished astronomer, educator and apart from all she was a great model for today’s young generation.

After working for the welfare for women throughout her life, she died in the year 1889 at the age of 72. Many awards and honors were given to Maria for her great works during her life time. After her death also Maria was not gone away from the heart of mankind. This is well understood from Google’s Tribute to Maria Mitchell on 195th Birthday with doodle.