Maria Gaetana Agnesi’s 296th Birthday by ‘Witch of Agnesi ‘Google Doodle

Today’s Google Doodle is dedicate to great Philosopher and Mathematician Maria Gaetana Agnesi.  Maria born on 16th May 1718, famous for writing book on integral and differential calculas, honored on 296th birthday, with this animated doodle.

Maria Gaetana Angnesi's 296th Birthday Google Doodle
Maria Gaetana Angnesi’s 296th Birthday Google Doodle(May 16, 2014)

Depicting Maria Gaetana Agnesi in center of doodle, logo alphabets are included in both sides of the doodle in new style, say in a  mathematical style. Curve known as ‘Witch of Agnesi’ for which Maria is most famous, used in theme of Google doodle.Little animation added in the logo made it attractive.

Doodle is present on search homepage of New Zealand, Japan. Philippines, Oman, Kenya, Algeria, Ukraine, Australia, Poland, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Spain, Libya, South Africa, Indonesia, Algeria, Iraq, Island.

Maria was born in a wealthy family. She have shown talent in studies from younger itself. Maria was able to speak French and Italian at the age of 5 itself. By 1750’s Maria was famous as mathematician and philosopher. Infact, Maria was the second woman to be granted professorship in university.

Apart from mathematics, Maria also had great interest in charity works and other humanitarian services. Studying theology made her more attracted towards working for social welfare. Helping poor in their need, servicing for sick and unhealthy, all these activities made her known a as great human being lived ever.

Many great personalities including Pope Benedict XIV appreciated her work. Pope Benedict XIV send her a gold wreath and gold medal in honor to her life long activities. 1799 January 9, Maria died.With this Witch of Agnesi Google Doodle, Maria was honored on her 29th Birthday.