Map making competition Mapathon 2013 will start on February 12th

Google provide the map maker tool for making their mapping service more comprehensive and detailed. That is why they decided to start first ever mapping competition in India, Map making competition Mapathon 2013 will start on February 12th.

Map making competition Mapathon 2013

Map making competition Mapathon 2013

Google India have officially started registration for this competition at official Mapathon 2013 site. Anyone who lives in India can participate in Mapathon competition. Only the editings from India is approved by the authorities.

Google also provide many exiting prizes to the winners of the competition. They are offering more than 1000 Android tablets, smartphones and other prizes for the winners. Google will provide all the security and privacy for the details of registered contestants. Google will decide the winners after continuously analyzing the mapping quality and quantity and also the moderation quality and quantity. To ensure the reliability in judging Google have included many terms and conditions in this competition. Poor quality and spam edits will make the participants grade get reduced.

You can make editing through Google map making tool, will allows you to add geographical informations to both Google Maps and Google Earth. What you have to do exactly in Mapathon 2013 competition is to share the geographical informations known by you. That is the popular business, hotels, schools..Etc, the things that are searched by visitors.

map making competition in IndiaYou can select any area that you are known very well for Mapathon 2013 competition. Google will approve and make online your sharing on Google Mapathon after reviews. Other than being a winner you can be a part of Google Maps through Mapathon 2013.