Google celebrates Victory of India’s Mangalyaan Mission with Doodle

The moment of pride for every Indians. Yes, Mangalyaan completed 1 month in Mars and Google homepage in India is dedicated to celebrate it, Google published a doodle in Indian homepage on 24th October.

Mangalyaan Google Doodle
Mangalyaan Google Doodle(October 24, 2014)

Google Doodle that you can see is a static one which includes space craft in design, logo of Google is also included in a new style . Doodle is exclusive for Google India, clicking on doodle you can get search page for Mangalyaan.

Mangalyaan Success Timeline

Making history, India became the first country to successfully complete the project to Mars in first attempt and also first Asian country to reach Mars. Indian Space Research Organization undertook the mission. Here is the success time line of Magalyaan.

3rd August 2012: Indian Government officially approved Mangalyaan Project.

5th November 2013: Using PSLV -c25, launched MOM probe from SDSC SHAR, Sroharikotta.

1st December 2013: Left Earth Orbit.

24 September 2014: Successfully entered Martian Orbit, millions of people all around the world witnessed the success of MOM live.

24 October 2014: Completed a month in Mars orbit, Google Doodled it on Indian homepage.

Hopefully, more dates announcing the success of MOM can be added in future.

Under the Guidance of Project Director Mylswamy Annadurai, ISRO created a history. Indian Prime Minister after witnessing the successful entry of Mangalyaan from ISRO center congratulated every one behind the mission. Modi said” MOM has reached Mangal”.

With the objective of exploring features of Mars Orbit, Magalyaan is moving on with its mission. With this doodle, Google announced the success of Mangalyaan mission. Indian Google users can see the doodle for 24 hours.

Google have came up with special doodles to announce special missions and successes previously also, like inclusion of Mount Fuji in World heritage Site and first parachute jump.