Google Doodle Marks Malaysia Independence Day 2014 with floral emblem Chinese Hibiscus

Marking 57th Independence Day of Malaysia, Google published their doodle on Google Malaysia search homepage on 31 August 2014. Malaysia Independence is celebrated with grant functions every year, the day is National Holiday in Malaysia.

malaysia independence day 2014 google doodle
malaysia independence day 2014 google doodle(August 31, 2014)

Independence Day or the national day is known as Hari Merdeka over Malaysia. Google Doodle includes floral emblem of Malaysia Chinese Hibiscus known as Bunga Ray in it to design logo.Search Page for ‘Selamat Hari Merdeka’ is listed clicking on doodle. Doodle was designed by guest artist Red Hong Yi.

Malaysia Independence History

Malaysia Independence Day is observed every year on 31 August to commemorate the independence of Federation of Malaya from British rule in 1957. Tunku Abdul Rahman, V T Sambanthan, Sir Tang Cheng Lock are some of Malaya leaders who raised voice for gaining Independence.

Handover of the British power took place at nigh of 30 August 1957. On the day big crowd gathered together at Kuala Lampur, Royal Selangor Club Padang to witness flag raising. Negaraku, the national anthem of Malaysia was sung and celebration of Malaysia Independence began on the day. All prominent leaders were present for functions held at Merdeka Stadium.

After 6 year of Independence in 1963, 16 September Federation of Malaysia was officially formed. Every year this date, 16 September is celebrated as Malaysia Day. Both Merdeka Day and Malaysia Day is a National Holiday in Malaysia, most celebrated holidays.

Malaysia Independence Day 2014 programs and celebrations

Malaysia, Here Where Love Begins is the theme forĀ Independence Day Malaysia 2014. Jalur Gemilang, the national flag of Malaysia is commonly seen in every place over the country as the part of celebration, announcing pride and honor.

Raising of National flag is an important event in Malaysian Independence Day celebration. Launching of Mardeka Month celebrations by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, flag hoisting and theme of 2014 Hari Merdeka displaying is enthusiastically awaited by Malaysians.

Malaysian Airlines double aviation disasters happened this year have lowered the effect of celebrations on the day. Fireworks and arrangements in many places have cutoff from celebration due to this.

Merdeka Day wishes are flowing to Malaysia from different countries for 57th Independence Day. On behalf of US people and President Obama, secretory John Kerry sent message to Malaysians mentioning relation of both countries. Message is concluded wishing a joyous celebration and success in future.

Making the theme of this years celebrations reality, Here Where Love Begins, enjoy the day.Happy Merdeka Day Malaysia.