Malaysia Independence Day 2007 Google Doodle

Google doodle on Malaysia Independence Day of 2007 was special and simple. Google doodle was especially dedicated to wish the people over there a very happy Independence Day. It’s on 31st August Independence Day is observed in Malaysia.

Malaysia Independence Day 2007 Google Doodle
Malaysia Independence Day 2007 (August 31, 2007)

Malaysia situated on Southeast Asia consist of 13 states and has a land mass of 329847 square kilometers. Malaysian people celebrate the day with many programs and special celebrations.

It was in 1957 August 31st Malaysia became an Independent nation and from then every year people over there arrange programs on the anniversary day of Independence to celebrate the joy and happiness.

Hari Maredeka is the name known for the Malaysian Independence Day. In the year 2007 it was the 50th Independence Day they celebrated. Google also took part in their happiness in the year by coming up with this Google doodle on the home page landed in the country.

The high light of the Malaysia Independence Day celebration is the parade with the participation of thousands of people. The parade is known as Maredeka square parade and from 1957 this parade was held in Maredaka square every year.

The programs starts from morning 8.00 AM. This parade includes the participation of officials and other prominent personalities of the country. There will be flag hoisting, March past, military parade and many cultural performance at the venue during the Marakade Parade of Malaysia.

Malaysia Independence Parade
Malaysia Independence Parade
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August 3oth of 1957 is an unforgettable day for the Malayan people. On that day night at 11.58 PM the prime minister of Malaysia during that time Tunku Abdul Rahman arrived at the Markeda square Kuala Lampur and after a two minute of silence Malayan flag was raised and their national anthem was played. Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman gave a speech and finally Malaysia was formed as an independent nation.

More than 20,000 people from all over the country participated in the programs held on the Independence Day in 1957. From then Malayan people dedicate this day as a special day to enjoy and celebrate without any barriers and limits. Malaysian Independence Day is an official national holiday for the country.

Apart from Meredeka parade many other programs will also takes place all over the country on that day. Schools, colleges and other public places will be decorated for the celebrations and people join together in public places for the celebration and share the joy of the day. The huge crowd that we can see all over Malaysia for the celebration is the clear example for the brotherhood and love of Malaya people.

Malaysia is also famous for the festivals and celebrations. There are many unique and distinct festivals in Malaysia. The Google doodle on the independence day of Malaysia was very special and made people think about the story behind their Independence.