Make free domestic calls with Gmail through 2013

Other than shorten to just a mail service Gmail touched all part of communication. Now as a new year gift for consumers a new feature, can make free domestic calls with Gmail through 2013.Make free domestic calls with Gmail through 2013

Normally you can call through Gmail when the other one is online at the same time. But when you can make VoIP calls along with it the communication becomes at its best. Google launched a calling plugin that lets the users to make VoIP calls via chatting section in Gmail service.

So users can make calls to any mobile phones or land phones via Gmail. They can also make international calls at very cheap rates. Currently this feature is only available in US and Canada.

In 2009 Google partnered with Gizmo5 Company which provides Voice over Internet protocol systems. Now Google made the VoIP calls in official. VoIP calls are telephone calls that are made over IP networks. Now you can see a call phone option in Gtalk. The Google talk voice and video plugin must be installed to use the service.

After the plug in being installed you only need a microphone to use the service.You just need to type the digits on the dialing pad and have to tap on the call button. The Google address book integration of the service allows you to type just name of the desired one.

The service promises the call quality at its best. Google had tested the service for several times before making it official. The VoIP service of Google also has integration with Google voice system. So that once you dialed to any Google voice number you can ring all bounded phones in it. So now Google VoIP service can stand along With Skype or it can be a good competitor to the popular this popular VoIP service.

The main difference is in Skype the free calling can be made between the computers only. The calling between a computer and landline demands rates according to the time. In Google VoIP service it is absolutely free in US nations. In other countries Google demands only customer satisfiable rates.  Normally it is much lower than that of other VoIP services.

So the Gmail service makes the communication at its best way.  Recently Gmail start SMS service in a number of countries. The service allows us to send 50 free messages in a day. As Short Message Service is widely used one it became a blessing to all users.

At the same time the popular Google service made the connection between people easier by providing different languages in its input tool. So that users can keep away the barriers they have face with the language. It allows communicating with the people in their own languages. With VoIP service Gmail turns to its perfection zone.