Make free calls anywhere without internet using freekall telephony service

Of course, you can make voice call with an internet connection using services like Skype or Viber. What about a free calling service through your phone without an internet connection ? Now Bangalore based cloud telephony service freekall let you to make free calling for any part of the world.

First of all freekall telephony service launched by three Bangalore based engineering students Yashas C Sekhar, Vijay Kumar Umaluti and Sandesh E. The service get started on previous saturday and 4 lacks of free calls have been made by consumers.

In fact freekall still in testing mode, service will goes live very soon. It won’t demand any installation and can access service from any phone. Also you can make free calls to any mobile or land phones using this service.

Freekall service make money by putting advertisement in between the call. You will listen free offers from the network you are using, have duration of 10 seconds. At the beta form registered users can make 12 minutes of call in one day, unregistered users only can make 3 minutes of call. Once freekall goes live the registered users can make unlimited call.

How to make free voice call using freekall service

Freekall service available for both registered and unregistered users. But only registred users of freekall will get 12 minutes of call in beta form, for unregistered users it limited for 3 minutes.

  • Dial the number 080-67683693 from your phone.
  • The call get disconnected after one ring and they will call back you.
  • The automated system request you for entering the desired number you want to call.
  • Freekal will connect you with that number in next second.

In current stage freekall service will accept 10000 request at a time, beyond that you will hear busy tone. Freekall service aiming for 10 million calls in a day. They provide the ads with tie up of streetsmart media solutions advertisement company.