JAM with Chrome – make an online music band with your friends

Chrome experiments are done for to make the web browsers more creative. Today The WebGL team introduced new experiment called JAM with Chrome, can make online music band with your friends.

All of you love to get connect with your friends all-time for chatting or share something interesting. This is the main focus of web application JAM. The new effective web application with chrome browser let us to play the music instruments at our wish. You can choose a numbers of instruments like drums piano guitar…Etc. There are totally 19 different instruments are available in the site.

The WebGL site also helps to switch between the music instruments to gets more effect, real time music band inside the web. The most advanced feature of Google’s new web experiment is the efficient synchronization of different musical instrument playback through web. The all together playback of these instruments gives out a real music band feeling. It can be achieved through our online friends. Google allows up to four persons in a group. You can add your favorite friends to the group by inviting them.

After the group gets formed you can choose your favorite music instruments your friend’s selections are shown as tiles. You can play the instruments together with your friends. The music will clearly hear from all possible sections that is from your side and from your friends. The application promises high level of audio quality and accuracy through each section. When different music instruments play together it turns to an online music band.

The online musical experiment of Google is done with popular markup language HTML5. For the synchronization of all the music instruments together Google uses the HTML features like Web Audio API, Web sockets and CSS3. The audio bus system in this online music band allows perfect mixing of sounds from all sections. JAM with Chrome promises for advanced audio effects. The flexible audio routing system allows to module the sounds at its best. This chrome experiment promises all possible audio features which are seen in an ideal music band. This will works only with the new version of Google Chrome.

This creative web application is developed under chrome experiments by Google. Even though it is highly focused for Google chrome the web browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Safari can run these web applications. The effective applications are developed using HTML5 and JavaScript. The main features of HTML5 are:

  • Fifth revision of HTML CSS3 along with series of JavaScript APIs.
  • 3D CSS and Vector Graphics.
  • WebGL.
  • Rich audio APIs.
  • Web sockets.
  • Offline action.
  • Multiple platform support.
  • Secure and fast.
  • Interactive and stunning looks.
  • Improves the productivity.
  • Advanced design for applications.
  • HTML5 gives real time collaborations.